Antone's research interest turned to the search for the existence of paranormal activity by tracking physical phenomena and looking for unexplainable natural patterns found in the data. His research is driven by designing and building equipment for the purpose of computer-based monitoring, analysis, testing and data logging while using the scientific method to validate the results of all collected data.  
Antone Ritter
   Antone Ritter graduated from Central State University (now the University of Central Okla, Edmond, Oklahoma in 1984 with a degree in Computer Science and minor in Physics. He has had a variety of work assignments throughout his career ranging from the development of web enabled business solutions to the development of microcontroller based embedded devices. He has tinkered with electronic circuits since he was a junior at Mustang High School when he received a diploma for completing a two year course from DeVry Institute of Technology in ‘Home Entertainment Electronics Systems’ and built, from scratch, a working color television as part of the course requirements.