Selected samples of my research data
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Collected Artifacts
     To the right is a list of all sites that we have used to date for Test Sites and Research locations.  Pride House, which is located in Jefferson Texas, was the first beta test site.  Sadly, it was destroyed by fire a few years back.
      Over the next few months, I will be adding one or more  files to some of these locations.  The files added will of three types, a summary video of any activity worth noting, recorded data files of the session and PDF reports of the site session.   Both the video and reports are still being updated and developed but there is enough data to could be used by other researchers. 
      The video data I have collected so far consists of ORB like data with particular motion in the monitored environments.   Most researchers discount ORBs as specs of dust being lit up by the camera flash or light being used.   I can believe that to a point with a still camera photo.  To date, I have collected video of ORBs in motion, and some of the clips are verly difficult to explain (or even believe). 
     Each session archive contains one selected data file.   Sessions may contain one or more data files depending if the configuration was modified during the recording period.