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       Our project was started in 2007 when it appeared to me that little real scientific analysis and study was being exercised to document periods of paranormal research.  In the project's defining years it was apparent that the equipment and software required to perform real scientific evaluations did not exist.  The goal of this project also was to minimize the human factor of collection and to utilize advanced detection algorithms for real-time, concise analysis and reporting.   New developments like 'Sensor Fusion' helped determine reality from imagination.
       Wikipedia's definition of SENSOR FUSION states "Sensor fusion is the combining of sensory data or data derived from sensory data from disparate sources such that the resulting information is in some sense better than would be possible when these sources were used individually".
       So how am I approaching this task differently?  Ideally, perform all data collection in a clean environment free from all possible contaminents.
             Simple, right ?

Real Time Analysis
Ghost Hunting in the Media
     Television has played a key role in bringing ghost hunting into the limelight and providing some credibility to the field.  However, as the seasons progressed thru the years, producers and directors added more creative liberty to help entice the viewers to keep watching the shows.  In some cases, some presumed paranormal activities where even faked (however, there are some that are still unexplained).
    These shows, however, did fuel a peak in paranormal research and allowed for the starting of many new paranormal research groups and ghost hunting organizations.  Unfortunately, some groups were trained by the same visual entertainment that recruited them.  Today,  many groups exist just for the thrill of the hunt and to provide the occasional house cleansing.  Much of todays proof is documented by chaotic voice recordings, Photoshoped photos and evidence provided by personal pareidolia.  Walt Disney said it best when it comes to imagination, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible".
   In our system, all data is recorded and analyzed in real time.  This includes modules providing data collected by sensors (PARMON-1, EMF Cube), computer and audio artifacts.  All of this data can be analyzed separately and fused to make a real-time probability estimate of potential paranormal activity.  These analysis decisions are based on models which will be improved over time with the collection of more data.  Data collected can be used to train the system to look for specific occurrences and patterns of changes.  
    Who knows, with the correct patterns and sequences of environmental stimulation, paranormal activity might be initiated.  Einstein predicts wormhole activity that can stretch space and time.   NASA has potentially discoverd the existence of portals.  To quote one of my favorite phrases, we hope our research will take us
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